What colour should I choose for my front door?

Over the years front doors have improved significantly, not only in levels of security and durability, but also with the range of styles and colour combinations available, making the default uPVC white or rosewood a thing of the past.

Today, homeowners across Wiltshire are branching out with their composite door colour choice and changing the look of their home for the better. Every home is different, and will therefore suit certain colours better than others, so which colour is right for your front door?

Does your front door colour match your home?

green front door

The best place to start is by narrowing down on what types of colours will best match with your house. It is important to keep in mind the brick, cladding and roof colours in order to maintain a cohesive look across your home. One way to do this is by finding a colour that offers an appealing contrast from its surroundings, for example a Chartwell Green door against red brick (there is no harm in using a colour wheel to find your ideal colour). You may also want to consider the tones visible across the front of your home, such as blinds or curtains, to ensure you avoid clashing colours and keep everything coordinated throughout.

blue front door

Neutral colours, such as grey and cream, can add sophistication to your property and are a popular choice among homeowners seeking a modern appearance. At Emerald, our customers most specifically love Anthracite Grey. You may also consider Cream, Painswick or French Grey for a timeless colour.

If you would rather add a pop of colour and make a statement, there are many bold choices available including Peacock Blue, Tangerine and Ruby Red in our Solidor range.

What colour should the exterior frame of your front door be?

brick house with brown windows and doors

It is most common when choosing a coloured door to either match the frame with the same colour or stick with a white frame. If you are wanting a coloured door, but have white windows, having a white frame can help to keep a consistent look across the front of your house and draw attention to your door in contrast to the white. Depending on your desire door colour, it may not always be possible to have the same-coloured frame to match so you may fall back on white/white grain or a contrasting colour.

Should the front door colour match the windows?

Whilst your windows and exterior doors do not need to match, it is best they do if you are wishing to achieve a cohesive look throughout your property. With that said, this does not have to mean if you choose a red door you need to have red windows, instead, you could consider choosing a door frame that is the same as your windows.

If you are currently in a position to change your front door but not your windows, you may be uncertain whether to stick to the current colour scheme or choose something new. If you are hoping to replace your windows in the not-so-distant future, decide on a colour you would be happy to have your windows in for when the time does come to replace them.

Should I have the same colour on the inside of my front door?

front door in white from the inside

Although not possible with every colour combination, at Emerald we are able to create a door that has a different internal colour to the external colour, meaning you can have a vibrant colour on the outside without interrupting the interior design.

Start a trend in your neighbourhood with your front door

Do not be afraid to part with your old door and differentiate your home from the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood with a colour that reflects your character. It is almost guaranteed that once you introduce a new colour your neighbours may soon be inspired and follow suit!

The most important thing to note is there are no set rules when selecting a colour for your front door, as like other home-improvement choices it is a reflection of your own personal style.

Black front door

Why not try out our online door designer and play around with the different colour combinations available. If there is a colour you would like but cannot find it may be available in another range we offer such as Solidor if so, get in contact with the team directly and allow us to help create your dream door, bespoke to your home.

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