Can I change my window into a door?

You may have considered replacing your old, tired window with a new patio or bifold door, but associated the work with too much hassle involved; needing to arrange builders, structural engineers, electricians, and even plumbers, and decided otherwise to save yourself the stress. Fortunately, at Emerald Windows, we offer a turn-key solution for homeowners wishing to transform their current room into a much more desirable space with a window to door conversion, executed by our own trusty and expert team.

How is a window to door cut-through done?

Once you have decided on the door you want in space of your existing window, whether this is an aluminium bifold or a uPVC French door, the surveyor will visit to finalise all structural details of the job required. This will include confirming, if necessary, the support required around your new door, for instance, a lintel may be needed to support the load from the structure above the door. All structural and insulation works are done to regulation, so some work may require a structural engineer report, which if so, will be determined and arranged by the surveyor. If any additional work is required, such as electrics or plastering, this will be identified and can be all included in the total price and taken care of by Emerald with the help of our reliable sub-contractors, meaning you can sit back and relax.

For the cut-through itself, to put it simply, the wall is marked out and the brickwork is removed to the required opening and the lintel is installed ready to accommodate the door. An inspection may be carried out at the time of fitting by approved building control to ensure regulations of lintel work are met. All other necessary support and insulation work, such as installing cavity ties and closers, is done and your door is fitted with the surrounds made good inside and outside with rendering and will be followed with any other works that have been agreed upon. All that is left for you to do is the final decorating around your new door.

The most popular window to door cut-through amongst our customers in and around Wiltshire is a window to a 3-leaf aluminium bifold door, but you may decide on a uPVC French or sliding patio door. Compare the different types available here to help you decide on which is best for your home.

Why you should convert your existing window into a new door

Replacing an old window with a new bifold or patio door will transform the room in more ways than one. If your home seems dark, due to the old windows not letting enough light in, a new bifold door will maximise the amount of natural light and turn the area into a room your family wants to spend time in. The use of the room will change completely as it brings the outside in, creating a light and open space and allowing you to appreciate your garden like never before.

The addition of a new door, particularly an aluminium bifold, to your home will increase the value of your property, so you are ensuring a return on investment whilst enhancing your quality of life in the meantime. Discover the further benefits of choosing an aluminium bifolding door from Emerald Windows here.

Here is an example of cut-through carried out by Emerald, where a window was changed into a 4-leaf Anthracite Grey bifold door.

Front of an old extension. Replacing the window with new doors. New door in place of the window.

If you are contemplating a cut-through, whether it be a window to a door or any other type of double-glazing conversion, get in contact online with the Emerald team today to see how we can help you with your home improvement project.