Why choose to upgrade to Sliding Sash Windows?

With the vast range of window styles and designs available today on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what windows best suit your home. With a quick read through some key benefits of Emerald’s sliding sash window, you will find information that can help make your decision, including step by step cleaning functions and key safety features.

The main thing that sets sash apart from casement windows is its ability to slide open or closed without taking up space in the interior or exterior of the property, as well as their unique cleaning feature. Sliding sash windows are a historic style that preserves the beauty of period homes with their traditional style, whilst still keeping up with modern technology. It’s a clever design that has lasted centuries.


Sliding sash can be modified to meet your particular requirements, with the option of Georgian or astragal bars, arched or shaped heads, run through or add on sash horns and transom drop options. We offer a range of finishes to the frames, including filled woodgrain effects and a huge palette of RAL colours. They can also be installed within a bay (as pictured below).

White sliding sash bay window

Safe and secure

Here at Emerald, we understand that home security is a top priority, which is why our sliding sash windows can be made to incorporate a number of safety features, such as secure locking systems and child safety restrictors. The restrictor can be engaged to give ventilation without needing to open your window completely. They are embedded approximately 3/4 of the way up on the bottom sash and simply restrict the sash from sliding past the other to the restricted opening.

Clean with ease

Raise bottom sash upwards approximately 50 millimetres/2 inches, place your hands on the top of the bottom sash, pulling the catches inwards, which releases the sash into the room. The sash will be restrained by restrictors both left and right. Whilst the bottom sash is open, slide the top sash down within a reachable distance and repeat the same process for cleaning. Find the demonstration in the video below:


There’s no doubt that sash windows possess a charm that lack in simple casement window designs. Whether you live in a period property and are keen to retain its traditional character with timber, or a modern home with uPVC in mind, our extensive range of sliding sash windows can be the ideal solution for your window upgrade. We also offer a range of double glazing options including obscure, acoustic, laminated and toughened glass.

Interested in using sliding sash for your window upgrade? Get in touch with the team today on 0800 612 4154 or info@emeraldupvcwindows.com.