The benefits of acoustic laminated glass

Regardless of how important you may deem the physical appearance of your windows and doors, the main components of high-quality double glazing are dependent on their insulating properties, and the level of safety they provide. This can be initially overlooked by homeowners when in the market for new windows and doors, as it is easy to forget the significance of finding the best glazing type by focusing on the visuals of the frame and furniture.

But have you considered acoustic glazing?

Acoustic laminated glass consists of an acoustically laminated plastic film layered between the glass panels which has unique vibration dampening properties. Our acoustic laminated glass can have up to 41-decibel reduction, compared to the standard double glazing only giving a 29-decibel reduction. This means that outside noise is considerably reduced by less sound being able to travel through the window, and any disturbance you once endured with your old windows will no longer pose a problem, creating a peaceful and uninterrupted living space.

Superior security levels

Mr & Mrs stone acoustic glazingThe other major benefit of acoustic laminated glass, is the superior levels of security the glass provides to your home due to the strength of the glazing. The following case study demonstrates the security benefits of upgrading to acoustic laminated glass. After a recent break-in at their home which left their old back door damaged beyond repair, Mr and Mrs Stone from Swindon decided to put their trust in Emerald to replace it with a new higher security door. In the time since their back door was replaced by Emerald, they had another attempted break-in, but this time the culprit wasn’t successful, all thanks to the Acoustic Laminated glass in the back door.

We asked Mr Stone to share his experience with us:

“After a recent break-in at our house, Emerald Windows replaced our back door. Martin gave us great confidence that the new door would be far more resistant to break-ins and the glass would be hard to break. Unfortunately, last week this was put to the test, and I am pleased to report that the new door has stood up to the attack, and prevented access to our house. It appears a brick has been thrown at the window 3 times and has not broken. Many thanks for your excellent services and advice, and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending your services and this type of door to all potential customers.”

How to make acoustic glass the most worthwhile

To ensure the acoustic laminated glass achieves its full potential and is worthwhile, it’s essential to pair it with a high-quality frame to create an all-round well-insulated window. At Emerald, we recommend our collection of flush sash windows, as they provide all the thermal retention and security benefits without having to compromise on style. Our flush sash windows come in a wide range of colours to suit everyone’s tastes, from Anthracite Grey to Irish Oak.

White flush sash windowsWhatever your requirements may be, you will not be short of choice with Emerald. With our extensive product range, we guarantee you will find the windows or doors perfect for your home. With a wide product range can sometimes bring confusion, that’s why at Emerald the team are always happy to help with any queries you may have. Get in contact with the team today via our contact form, or email us on