What are arched and piked windows?

Arched and piked windows are two different types of shaped window. Great for adding a stylish feature to an area of a property, they differ in a number of important ways. So you’re aware of their differences, we’ve looked into them for this blog.
Arched window

What are arched windows?

Arched windows feature a soft curve at the top which takes on a similar appearance to an arch. They can be fixed or configured to open and can also be combined with a sliding sash window. When combined with a sash window, they allow plenty of light into a property. The use of arches originated in Ancient Rome, therefore, arched windows are a lovely fit on any homes that are styled in a more traditional manner.

What are piked windows?

A piked window appears like a casement window at the bottom part, however, the top area of the window forms into a point. The pointed part of the window is usually fixed, meaning it is prevented from opening.

Arched and piked windows are only two examples of shaped windows. Some of the other popular types of shaped window are:
Angled uPVC windows

Bullseye windows

Bullseye windows are small and round in shape. They are often fitted on a roof slope or above a door as a means of improving light. As round windows were often used in Georgian architecture, they’re well suited to any period properties.

Raked frames

Windows with raked frames make use of angular lines, creating a stylish but contemporary focal point. They can be great for use on V-shaped or sharply slanted roofs as they can be angled to fit these areas.

Gothic frames

This style of window features a pointed arch at the top, which is a quintessential feature of Gothic architecture. The three most popular styles of the Gothic arch are Equilateral, Lancet and Tudor, although, all are perfect for creating a medieval feel.

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