What makes double glazing windows secure?

Always enquire about the type of locks and security features being fitted with your double glazed windows all modern double-glazed replacement windows feature multi-point locking espag type locking, which will also “lock” partially open in a “night-vent” position. There’s also shoot bolt Locking or SAC bolt locks for additional security these systems may be available with an extra guarantee. SAC locking is now becoming standard with most high specification upvc, timber/wooden windows and doors.

Double glazed window security

Security for doors, differs from that of windows with regards to the locking features as there are different types such as higher specification locking systems. It’s worth asking if there is door lock upgrades available as in most cases for an extra cost you can have a substantially better door locking system or if you pay more again you can have a higher security composite door.

With PVC-u and timber windows you should opt for internally beaded – instead of an externally beaded window or door as clearly, if the beads holding in the glazing units are on the inside of the window or door frame it will be more difficult for a intruder to remove the glazing unit to enter Your home.

Certain windows should have an “easy escape” or “fire escape” option so whether there wood or upvc fire escape hinges may be fitted to ensure that the opening required for a person exiting in an emergency is adequate, this is regulated by Fensa and Certass.