How Infinity windows are helping us go from strength to strength

Infinity Window Finishes

Energy efficient, Low in maintenance and boasting a completely smooth corner weld design that let’s homeowners make a distinct style statement, here at Emerald Windows we’re constantly inundated with the amount of praise for our range of Infinity Windows – not least because of their show stopping authenticity and style.

Some time ago we took it upon ourselves to make the early yet important decision to include such an innovative and game-changing product in our range, a choice that has only seen our home improvement work go from strength to strength.

Letting us cater to traditional and contemporary homes alike

Developed using some of the latest window engineering technology and uPVC Deceuninck profile, Infinity windows remain energy efficient and robust whilst still placing style firmly at the forefront of design. Unlike normal uPVC window frames that feature a 3.5mm corner groove, that results in a totally smooth, seamless corner join on all laminated profiles, and a thinner, subtler 1.5mm line on all non-laminated ones – ideal for traditional or period homes

Modern properties that wish to add a much-appreciated touch of elegance can also enjoy the appearance of infinity, thanks to a generous choice of over 40 individual colour tones that range from White, Red and Blue to more authentic woodgrain styles such as Rosewood and Golden Oak. Infinity windows allow for a great deal of design flexibility, being just another reason they continue to be popular.

Some of the ways Infinity windows continue to impress

Infinity Windows

  • Can be tailored to suit period homes and new-build properties
  • Easily cleanable with sleek sightlines and smooth appearance
  • Over 42 different colours and woodgrain options to choose from
  • Removes the ugly corner weld often found in most uPVC window joints
  • Vibrant aesthetic with a lifespan of several decades
  • Sealed unit for impressive levels of energy efficiency
  • Engineered in a choice of either the 2500 or 2800 Deceuninck profile systems

Working together to stay ahead of the competition

Our ability to offer homeowners all of the lucrative benefits of Infinity Windows simply wouldn’t be possible had it not been for the strong relationship we have with our friends at Dekko – Infinity Windows’ exclusive supplier.

Established in 1998, Dekko Window Systems is one of the UK’s most respected fabricators of aluminium and high-end uPVC doors and windows, and now we’re looking forward to working with them more closely in the weeks and months ahead to better pass on the benefits of Infinity to you, the customer!

Emerald Windows: Proud to provide Infinity

So if you’re a homeowner suffering from dilapidated windows that frequently cause you discomfort our range of industry-leading Infinity windows are expertly designed to enhance your home in every way possible. For more information on how Infinity windows can help enhance your home or to enquire about any of our other products and services, call us on 0800 612 4154 or get in touch online for a free enquiry!