Composite doors vs uPVC doors – which one suits a Swindon home?

Are you a homeowner in Swindon who’s looking for a new entrance door? Perhaps your old timber version is at the end of its tenure and a replacement is nigh? If so, we’ve got a range of fantastic options that are suitable for both front and back entranceways. But to help you decide which is right for your home, lets take a closer look at each of them below.

Composite Doors

Composite front door in blueAt Emerald, we install three different composite doors – the Distinction, Infinity and Solidor ranges. We’ve outlined a number of their key characteristics below:

  • All of them feature an impact resistant, highly durable Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin. This is highly customisable in a range of colours and woodgrain finishes for a genuine timber aesthetic that will last for years
  • The GRP skin is also exceptionally weatherproof, keeping unwanted draughts and rainfall out of your home
  • Utilising a highly insulated core, the levels of heat retention are nothing short of spectacular. Whichever you opt for, there’s great potential to save on your energy bills
  • Featuring the latest in advanced locking technology, your home will be expertly secured from potential intruders
  • Solidor composite doors have a core that is 10% thicker than its competitors, for increased levels of durability
  • The Distinction range has a variation which is 70mm thick, offering a further boost to heat retention and sound insulation. This helps create an ultimately peaceful and warm home environment
  • Infinity doors utilise an ultra-dense foam core, helping them to achieve an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating

uPVC doors

White front door with two decorative glass panelsEmerald stocks an excellent range of uPVC entrance doors. We have outlined some of their key features for you below.

  • Thanks to thermally efficient materials, our uPVC doors achieve an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’, which could lead to considerable savings on your energy bills
  • With a bountiful selection of furniture, handles & colours to choose from you can adapt them to your unique aesthetic requirements
  • Emerald can incorporate a portion of glazing into them, which can be customised with a range of decorative options
  • Our uPVC entrance doors are incredibly durable, lasting around 30 years, provided they receive the correct care
  • uPVC is a material that requires very little maintenance to continue looking great. You’ll only ever need to give our doors the odd wipe down

For a look at their other features follow the link here.

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